Cholla Managing Group requires all Subcontactors to meet our Insurance Requirements. Read our insurance requirements before submitting your company’s name to our list.


General Liability Each Occurence – $1 million

General Aggregate – $2 million

Automobile Liabiltiy Combined Single Limit $1
Excess / Umbrella Liability Each Occurrence $1 million
Workman’s Compensation $1 million
Furthermore, insurance certificates submitted to Cholla Managing Group office MUST INCLUDE the following:
Additional Insured – Endorsement

Form CG 20 10 11/85 (or equivalent) Additional Insured Endorsement, which shows Cholla Managing Group as an additional insured on any and all projects, including complete work. The endorsement can be issued either as job specific or for any and all jobs.

Primary and Non-Contributory – Endorsement
Waiver of Subrogation Statement

A waiver of subrogation applies to all types insurance coverage

In addition, any subcontractor under contract with Cholla Managing Group has the obligation to have their subcontractors carry insurance in like form and amount, and must comply with the additional insured requirements as discussed above.
If additional cost is necessary to meet the above conditions please include this price as a line item in all future bids submitted to Cholla Managing Group.
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