About Cholla Managing Group

Cholla Managing Group is a client focused full service construction company based in Chandler, Arizona. Privately owned and operated, Cholla maintains a structure that keeps us focused on building homes, commercial structures, and long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our 30+ years of construction experience has helped us develop building competence regardless of the complexity of your building needs. It’s that competence, and our success in managing our business that creates the most important aspect of a long-term relationship: Trust.

You can trust Cholla Managing Group for any of your building needs.

Jaafe Kellis, managing partner

My service goal has always been the same throughout my career, build a quality home at the very best price on time, every time. It’s as simple as that.

Jaafe has been active in the production home building industry since 1994, when he started with Fulton Homes as a production superintendent. In 1996, he left Fulton to further his career at Shea Homes. Jaafe’s accomplishments include building supervision of several successful communities such as Sunset Point, La Paloma, Clemente Ranch in the Phoenix area and the Piestewa home in Northern Arizona. Throughout his 12 year career at Shea Homes, Jaafe also was an integral part of building their Quality Assurance program. This program grew to service all Shea Homes that are currently delivered today. Jaafe also has a passion for building extravagant custom built homes. These large, unique builds require immense attention to detail and creativity.

In 2008, Jaafe and Colby collaborated to open Red Arrow Homes & Development. Red Arrow primarily built homes in the Native American communities of Gila River, White Mountain Apache, Ak-Chin and Salt River. With knowledge and experience in so many facets of construction and home building, Jaafe found a niche where he can give back to the Native American Indian community. Cholla Managing Group is now a leading Arizona Custom Home Builder.

Colby Shepherd, managing partner

My goal is to deliver a high quality product at the best price in the shortest amount of time. Quality work is quality work. Whether it is a production home or a high end custom, you can’t compromise on quality.

Colby started his production home career in 1998 as a project superintendent with Shea Homes. In 2005 he left Shea Homes to continue his career in the home building industry. His construction experience has grown into managing sales, marketing, entitlement, offsite construction, land acquisition and commercial construction management.

Colby is pleased to be now be a leading Arizona Custom Home Builder.

Despite all this, Colby says his greatest accomplishment is his family, with his lovely wife of 15 years, Wendy, their three boys, Beau, Blue, and Reed and daughter Quinn.

Cholla’s Approach to Building

Cholla’s management team brings over 30 years of combined experience to the home building industry – experience that has taught it about the extraordinary difference that can be made by providing families with extraordinary homes. At Cholla, the focus is on the community. It wants to make sure that its homes meet both architectural and cultural standards, so that it can provide families with the comfortable, high caliber homes they deserve.

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