Cholla Managing Group, LLC. reminds you to enjoy and stay safe this Monsoon Season!

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Monsoon Season Safety Tips

The beginning of August means we are right in the center of Arizona’s exciting monsoon season.  Here are some tips to enjoy this time of year safely.

Flash Flood Safety

Flash floods are responsible for more deaths each year than any other thunderstorm related hazard.  This is due to the fact that many people underestimate the power and force of water.

  • Avoid areas that are known to become flooded during thunderstorms.
  • If you come to a road that appears to be flooded, turn your vehicle around and seek an alternate route.
  • If you live in an area prone to floods, have an evacuation plan ready.

Dust Storms

Depending on rainfall pattern, dust storms or “haboobs”, can occur at any time during monsoon season.

  • Monitor weather reports before getting out on the road to avoiding being caught in a dust storm.
  • If you are caught in a dust storm while driving, park your vehicle on the side of the road, turn off your lights and keep your foot off of the brake.


Power and Communications Outages

Be aware of your surroundings and prepare for storms ahead of time.  Always report damage to the appropriate authorities.

  • Unplug sensitive electronic devices before the storm arrives.
  • Cordless phones do not work without electricity.
  • Use corded phones for emergencies only.
  • Report and avoid downed power lines.

Lightning Strikes

Move indoors when a storm is approaching.  Lightning can strike from 10 miles away.

  • Avoid using a corded phone unless it is an emergency.
  • Do not touch wires that are plugged into outlets.
  • Wait for the storm to pass to use sinks, toilets and tubs.


Tammy SmithCholla Managing Group, LLC. reminds you to enjoy and stay safe this Monsoon Season!